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We have over three decades of experience in the areas of Construction Litigation; Commercial Collection and Litigation; Creditor's Rights; Litigation of Real Estate issues, including Title, Lien Enforcement, prosecuting and defending Mechanic's Liens, Miller Act (federal government) Bonds and "Little Miller Act" (state and local government) Bonds, Real Estate Partition Suits; Contractual Litigation; Creditor's Suits; Business Formation and Counsel, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Business Litigation, Business Sale and Purchase; Wills, Probate and Litigation including Drafting Wills, Revocable Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives, Probate, Will Contests, Lost Wills, Inheritance of Land; Insurance Defense, Serious and PermanentPersonal Injury Claims and Criminal Defense.

We employ a team approach to legal problems and litigation using our longstanding relationships with support organizations such as court reporters, private investigators, title search paralegals, private process servers, title companies, remediation contractors, orthopaedic surgeons, family medical practitioners, surveyors, engineering firms, real estate appraisers, etc. to provide cost effective service to our clients. In many cases, we have working relationships spanning over 20 years with other professional service providers.

We provide itemized bills for most services and utilize the Serengeti Tracker billing platform if requested to deliver prompt billing information to an array of firms utilizing our services.

We serve clients in the Eastern part of Virginia, prosecuting and defending suits and Mechanic's Liens, and offering legal counsel. Below is a list of Virginia cities and counties which were the location of litigation and/or lien filings by us:

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